Fall Themed Individualized BINGO Games

I love fall! The cool weather, warm drinks, and colorful leaves get me in a creative mood. I know when fall comes in, the kids start getting excited about upcoming holidays. If you’re like me, then you are probably always scrambling to find engaging holiday activities that keep your students focused during this busy time of year.

One thing I love is incorporating reading into seasonal activities. These individualized BINGO games are great when you need to fill some time before Thanksgiving lunches or after a class party. These activities keep the kids engaged while giving them some reading practice at the same time.

First, kids will color the BINGO pieces that are true about them. Most of the squares have statements about the season or holiday, but some have cute pictures. Students can choose their favorites!

Individualized Halloween Bingo
Students color the pieces that are true about them.

Then, they cut out the pieces and glue them onto their BINGO board. This means everyone will have an individualized BINGO board. No two boards will be ALIKE!

Kids will cut out their BINGO pieces and glue them on the BINGO board.

Once the boards are assembled, it’s time to play BINGO! You can cut out a set of your own pieces to use as the drawing pile. Then just show each piece on your document camera as you draw them out.

No two BINGO boards will be alike!

Kids will love getting a BINGO with these seasonal activities!

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