Fun Holiday Teaching Activities to Help You Make it to Winter Break

fun winter holiday activities for students

It’s getting closer to Christmas break, and your students know it! You need some engaging winter activities that will keep your students focused, and I’ve got you covered.

Christmas & Winter Individualized Bingo Games

These really are great activities for keeping kids engaged and busy during the hectic days leading up to winter break.

The Winter Individualized Bingo is perfect to use right before or after winter break. I like using the Christmas Bingo right before the break because it gives them an enjoyable outlet for their excitement. 

Students will have a blast picking out all the bingo pieces that relate to themselves. They can color, cut, and glue while listening to some holiday tunes. 

You can display a countdown timer on the projector so students know how long they have to complete their boards. You’ll just need to cut out one set of bingo pieces to use as the drawing pile. When you’re ready to play, just put each piece under the document camera as you draw it.

These bingo boards can be used right before the break as students anticipate which activities they want to do during the holidays. But bingo games are also perfect to use in January, so students can share about all the fun they had.


I’m not sure which part is more entertaining for the students- putting their board together or actually playing the game!

Winter Grammar Mystery Pictures

These educational activities provide plenty of review over essential grammar skills while filling quite a bit of time. 

winter holiday grammar mystery picture actiities

The worksheets in the Winter Mystery Pictures Set 1 require students to read each sentence and determine the part of speech of the underlined word. Then they color each square with that sentence number. The number at the end of each sentence tells how many squares to color.

Winter Mystery Picture Set 1 covers a variety of skills including: 

  • nouns- common & proper
  • verbs
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • pronouns
  • possessives
  • singular & plural
  • helping verbs

As students work through the sentences, the mystery picture slowly appears, and excitement builds. These are so fun that your students will actually beg to do more! The best part is that it provides quality review, and the kids don’t realize they are actually working.

Print & Digital Options

The print option of these worksheets is great fun, but you also have a digital option through Google Slides. You can assign the individual worksheets through Google Classroom or another online teaching platform (that allows access to only your students and is not visible by others online.)


In Set 2 of the Winter Mystery Pictures, students answer multiple-choice questions to determine the correct color for each box. These are just as fun and offer a variety of grammar skills without adding too many colors.

Winter Mystery Picture Set 2 covers a different set of skills including: 

  • synonyms & antonyms
  • irregular past tense verbs
  • verb tenses
  • plural nouns
  • possessive nouns


If you’d like to try one of the Winter Mystery Pictures with your class, click the link here and grab a FREEBIE.

christmas winter mystery picture with grammar

Just remember, Christmas break is coming, and you won’t have to set your alarm clock until January!

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